1726 N Spring St
Los Angeles, CA


At WE RISE we will work together to manifest new systems of care that support the empowerment of health and wellbeing as a civil right. Every American deserve the tools, access and resources needed to navigate our lives and cultivate our best selves. Together, we have the power to spark change in our communities and revolutionize the way we perceive and approach mental health.

WE RISE is a pop-up festival of art and community building coming to life in Downtown, Los Angeles between May 30th and June 10th. Over the course of the show, 150+ artists will present original artworks in a world class exhibition designed to inspire action, over 50 hours of creative programming and workshops with some of the biggest names in pop culture, activism and art will issue specific and direct calls to action and our art lab will have hours of fun activities designed at improving our communities overall understanding about mental health and the care all youth deserve.

WE RISE is FREE and open to the public. Please check the calendar page for the exhibition and event space address and full schedule. We encourage you to come visit us in person and follow the live streams on our social media channels. And bring friends!

The WE RISE exhibition and event space is designed specifically to welcome all of our beautiful brothers and sisters, regardless of religion, race, or creed. In addition to fully accessible facilities, the space features male, female and gender-neutral restrooms. For those who would like a tour conducted via ASL, please email us at specialtours@werise.la to schedule an appointment.

WE RISE, is a project of the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health with support from the Mental Health Services Act.  

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WHY WE RISE and WE RISE are calls to action, asking you to join a movement to break through barriers and defy old assumptions about mental health care and the many related social conditions that compound problems and hurt our communities. Together we can fix it.


Everyone has the Right to Thrive

Suffering is part of human life. Yet, much of the suffering we see today is clearly linked to poverty and unequal access to resources. All young people have the right to face and tackle their suffering with community support, resources and affordable care. Every human has the right to thrive.

Transform Failing Systems

We need to address trauma and create resources for wellbeing. We imagine a world where schools consistently divert students away from prison and towards their dreams. Our systems must be redesigned to answer the needs set by our communities. We deserve it!

Facing Trauma & Ending Stigma

Trauma is everywhere and it needs to be addressed. One in four Americans will face a trauma before they turn four years old, yet most won’t recognize it let alone receive professional care for the harm that may follow. At the root of these issues we often find intergenerational silence, systemic racism, poverty and inequity - all which result in stigma. We are bigger than our trauma and must work together to end the stigma that stops us from seeking help. Together, it is possible to heal.

The Time for Healing is Now

This generation has taken action to illuminate the issues preventing them from accessing the future they deserve. The time is now. We are ready for brave conversations and a transformative culture shift. We are ready to take healing and wellbeing seriously. Our wellbeing is critical to our future.