Mental health issues impact every American. Many of the struggles we face are manifestations of inequity, systemic failures, racism and generational trauma. The hurdles we face trying to secure appropriate care when we find ourselves in need can be equally rooted in the same prejudice. The stigmas, historic neglect, imposed shame and current state of politics have added to the anxiety, stress, suffering and loneliness that already compromise the strength and compassion of our communities.

At WE RISE we will work together to envision new systems of care that support the empowerment of health and wellbeing as a civil right. All of us deserve the tools, access and resources needed to navigate our lives and cultivate our most vital selves. Together, we have the power to spark change in our communities and revolutionize the way we perceive and approach wellness and well-being.

WE RISE is a 10-day pop-up event series of art and community building coming to life in Downtown Los Angeles between May 18th and May 28th. Over the course of the show, over 150 artists will present original work in a world class exhibition designed to inspire action, with over 50 hours of creative programming. In workshops with some of the biggest names in pop culture, activism and art we’ll explore specific and direct calls to action and our art lab will have hours of fun activities designed to improve our communities overall understanding of mental wellness and the care all youth deserve.

WE RISE is FREE and open to the public. Please check the calendar page for the exhibition, event space, address and full schedule. We encourage you to come visit us in person and follow the live streams on our social media channels, and make a day of it with your friends!

The WE RISE exhibition and event space is fully inclusive and welcoming, embracing all people and the groups with which they choose to identify. In addition to fully accessible facilities, the space features male, female and gender-neutral restrooms. For those who would like a tour conducted via ASL, please email us at special tours@werise.la to schedule an appointment.

WE RISE, is a project of the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health with support from the Mental Health Services Act.

Manifesting Hope

Our collective imagination is at the heart of all social change, dreaming of how to transcend the systems and cultural norms that do not serve us. Envisioning what is possible when everyone feels a sense of belonging, connection, meaning and purpose is the first step toward creating new realities. We can manifest a future where our mental health and our communities are at the center of our wellbeing.

Pathways to Purpose & Meaning

We know that having a sense of purpose is linked to mental wellbeing, and that each of us has a different path to finding it. We believe that everyone has the right to feel purpose and meaning in their lives, but our current society has severely limited our ways to find it. We are striving to reshape society’s core values as a collective so that each of us feels supported and free to find their purpose.

You Are Not Alone

Showing up for each other requires normalizing conversation about mental health. It's hard to talk when you feel alone in your pain. Sharing our fears and firsthand experiences with mental illness is essential to healing and saving lives; no one is alone.

The Time is Now

We are ready for brave conversations and a transformative culture shift. We are ready to take healing and wellbeing seriously. This generation understands what is at stake if we don’t and we are ready to face our trauma and create resources for wellbeing. It is time to answer the needs set by our communities. Our time has come.