Graphic Design Assets

WE RISE is a campaign based on hope, unity, reflection, and action. Your events and advertising should share this look and feel, while also reflecting your unique community.
Please include the WE RISE logo—which can be modified in color or used as a stencil—in signage, promotional pieces, and social media wherever possible. This helps link your events to the broader WE RISE movement advocating for youth mental health.

The banners and posters below are examples of how you can give potential audiences a preview of your WE RISE campaign. Please do not use them to publicize your local event. We encourage you to connect with local artists, students, and community groups to develop art for your digital and offline promotions. Ideally, these ads or posts should include works that also will appear at your WE RISE events.

Highlighting authentic pieces created by and for your community will have maximum impact. Always make sure artists know their work will be showcased on social ads and posts, and credit appropriately.

Logo Files

Banner ads

Poster Art