fundraising Advice

  • You may need to reach out to donors to help cover costs of the events or provide in-kind donations of space and materials.
  • Begin by reviewing current donors. Who focuses on mental health? Are there some who support the arts? Can your board help make introductions? Have you had conversations with others interested in supporting new and innovative youth initiatives?
  • Tailor pitches to your funders’ interests (e.g., prevention, cost of serious mental illness in your state, holistic approaches to mental health). Emphasize the positive outcomes generated by the movement at large. And be prepared to offer recognition on event materials, signage and your website.

Note, state-specific data can be found at:

Sponsorship Offer Letter

For local city/county/foundation funders

Dear {Insert Funder / City Official Name},

I am reaching out to share a new initiative we plan to launch in city/town. WE RISE is an arts-based community- building movement that empowers youth and allies to transform the mental health care system and empower wellbeing. Powerful programming, performances, workshops and art come together to help communities thrive and to help young adults live healthy, productive lives.

The data around the state of youth mental health are grim: {Include/customize these statistics as appropriate to your donor.} One in five teens live with a mental health disorder, but only half of those affected receive treatment. As of last year, suicide is now the second leading cause of death for all Americans from 10 – 34 years old. These statistics require urgent action, but they do not define our community and our young people.

Serious mental illnesses often arise during adolescence. Existing and emerging mental, emotional and behavioral disorders cost our country an estimated $247 billion a year. Prevention and early intervention holds significant benefits for our overburdened health care, juvenile justice, and child welfare systems—and most importantly, our families. WE RISE can be a critical part of the solution, jump-starting conversations and increasing awareness of local care resources.

WE RISE was designed as the centerpiece of a youth mental health awareness campaign created by the Los Angeles County De-partment of Mental Health in 2018. Together, participants ages 14 – 24 engaged on taking action on personal wellbeing and devel-oping community-wide solutions around mental health challenges, with artistic expression as a powerful outlet. After attending the initial events, nearly three-quarters of participants now aim to help break down barriers to mental health treatment.

We plan to hold WE RISE events including {include 1 to 2 sentences with a brief synopsis of your events, dates and issues of focus here.}

I would love to count on your support in helping our community’s youth realize their tremendous potential. A gift of $XY would enable us to {customize here if you have an ask to cover a specific cost}. As a funder, your logo will be displayed on signage during the events and will be listed in press materials.

Thank you for helping us create a healthier future for your town/city.