WE RISE is seeking enthusiastic volunteers to assist in the following capacities:

  • DocentThis position requires a background in art and the ability to attend a two hour training on May 18th. You will be giving tours to the public and will be answering questions about the art, and the event in general.
  • Clinician– (Must be a Licensed Mental Health Provider) Engage with and provide support to the public as appropriate. Share information about available mental health resources.
  • Art Watch– Ensure the safety of the art and the positive experience of all of our guests.
  • Guest Check-in– Welcome guests, help them check-in and direct them to their event of choice
  • Ambassador – We need general support to keep the event flowing. You’ll interact with guests about the content of the event, answer questions and help us create a warm, welcoming, inclusive environment. Help with set up and clean up between and after events.
  • Workshop Assistant– We will be having multiple workshops at a time. Help pass out materials, set up and clean up and provide general support to the facilitators.


In exchange for your assistance, we would like to thank you with the following:

  • WE RISE swag
  • Snacks will be provided during your work with the WE RISE team
  • Our endless love + gratitude

To join our movement, please contact volunteers@werise.la




EmailPhone callText message

DocentsClinician (Must be a Licensed Mental Health Provider)Art WatchGuest Check-InAmbassadorWorkshop AssistantAnyOther:

Here are the dates and times available.
WE RISE will be open to the public Weekdays 5PM-10PM.
Weekends and Memorial Day 10AM-10PM.
We are looking for a minimum commitment of two hours.

Weekdays: AfternoonsEvenings
Saturday: MorningAfternoonEvening
Sunday: MorningAfternoonEvening
Memorial Day: MorningAfternoonEvening


You must be 18+ or an emancipated minor to volunteer